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Facial Services

All of Align Wellness Facial Services are designed to enhance the Holistic benefits of the Local, Organic Color Up Facial line. This Beautiful, Clean facial line will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Facial Massage

Align Wellness Holistic Facial

Align Wellness Holistic Facial starts with a deep cleansing ritual, followed by an Ayurvedic Inspired facial massage, and completed with a deeply hydrating facial mask. 

60/90 minutes

Align Dermaplane Facial

Align Dermaplane facial combines the beauty of the Color Up Facial line with a deep manual Exfoliation that removes the Vellus hair on the skin, leaving your face looking and feeling youthful and vibrant.

60/90 minutes

dermaplane facial.jpeg
Facial Treatment

Align Wellness Anti-Aging Facial

Find the Fountain of Youth with Our Color Up Facial Line. This Facial includes an Enzyme Mask followed by our Nourishing peptide-rich Glow Mask. This treatment is enhanced with a Gau Sha Face Lift application. Leaving your skin feeling Firm and Youthful.


Social Detox Acne Facial

Our Social Detox Facial uses the Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Organic Hemp, the Pore Refining benefits of Charcoal, and the natural Smoothing Benefits of Aspen and Willow Bark to give your skin a smooth and rejuvenated texture and glow.

60/90 minutes

Beauty Treatment
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